In conjunction with East Street Arts, my BA third year was set a brief for Leeds Light Night 2018, which was to create art in response to the question, "How has the city of Leeds changed for you?" 
I was part of a small team of us who conceived, designed, and set up the exhibition, called LOOP, hosted at Art Hostel, Leeds. Through this, coursemate Shaun Keegan and I developed a 'live collaboration space', for visitors to the space to use printed elements of our pre-made work to stick on the wall and 'collaborate' with us. We felt it would be remiss if we didn't let visitors, mostly Leeds residents, respond to this question too. I created some themed stickers for people to respond to the question directly, and exhibited my zines in the space. 
The turnout and response was surprisingly huge, and on the last day of the exhibition, Dr. Liz Stirling and I led an Art Doctors session in the space for the Leeds-based tour group Come Find Us.
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